The image policy explains requirements and suggestions for image files, their quality, and uploading them to galleries.

Uploading images Edit

Images can be uploaded from Special:Upload or Special:MultipleUpload or any gallery page. When uploading an image, make sure it is of the best resolution possible. If there are duplicate images, the image with better quality will be kept.

Images Edit

  • No porn images allowed.
  • No graphic images allowed.
  • No images with extreme profanity allowed.
  • Must be highest resolution possible.
  • Duplicate images are strictly prohibited.

Categories Edit

  • You may add the category Images to each image however you must ask an admin if you want to add other categories to an image.

File names Edit

  • File names cannot be very long and cannot contain extreme profanity.

Gallery pages Edit

Gallery pages may be created for the following:

  • Music videos.
  • Band members.
  • When saving a gallery page after adding photos please specify if you added SD or HD or a mix of both using the standard edit summaries.

The creation of any galleries not listed above requires an administrator's approval.

Changing the standard format for galleries is forbidden.

Band-member galleries Edit

  • Must me an image of that particular band member only and not the whole band.
  • May have another band member with that particular band member.

Music Video galleries Edit

  • Must be in highest resolution possible.
  • Must be an image from that particular music video.

Violation of these policies will result in a block.