• "This is not an image that was processed. Ever since I was young, I have liked the boyish style. This image is a very natural look for me."
  • "I've been a tomboy pretty much all my life & honestly, to put it short, it really sucks sometimes. Haters can hate & will hate, but insulting me in front of my face is a totally different thing. I personally think girls & boys are not limited to one specific look. Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. We are all different. If we all sang the same melody how can there be harmony? Don't judge someone just because they're different. Hopefully we can all grow to respect each other's differences."
  • "It's not okay to make a hurtful comment about someone just because they don't reach your own standards."
  • "Every girl or every guy has their own style & I think there's beauty in variety."
  • "You show love by annoying the crap out of someone."
  • "'Beautiful' is about accepting who I am: it took me a while to gain confidence to say 'Screw it, I just wanna be me.'"
  • "I want to do heavy metal one day. I used to listen to stuff like Underoath & I still love that kind of music."